Previous Clients

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Past Client Endorsements

“Up until we engaged with Arrosys, Eastern Europe was not a focus sales area for Network General. We had low revenue streams and the territory was remotely managed from Germany. In the first year of engaging with Arrosys, we jointly secured multiple project wins and partner relationships. One of our biggest end user project successes came from Eastern Europe in that time.”

"Arrosys has proven to be a professional organization with sales & marketing skills, backed by a solid knowledge in the IT sector and local markets"

"We turned to Arrosys in order to get the benefits of having an immediate, fully dedicated and highly skilled local presence and cost effective method of growing our business in Eastern Europe.

The Arrosys Manufacturer Representation solution matched our expectations and in fact for the past 5 years since our co-operation began the territory has become one of our highest growth markets"

Past Clients include...

Arrosys clients range from early stage start-ups through to world-wide established brands. Our clients span multiple technology sectors and industries. 

Included here are just some of our clients that we have helped enter and/or expand their business within Europe.


SMC Networks, Edgecore Networks, Huawei Technology, Enterasys Networks, Datacom, 

Perle, Telco Systems, Asoka, Tut Systems, Essentia, Ubiquos, Ascensit, Riverstone Networks, Laser Wireless, TerraMile ... 


Andrexen, Mediatrix, Voxent ...

Management: & Performance:

Network General, Netscout Systems, Opteq Systems, Kemp Technology, jetNEXUS, Servprise ... 

Security Solutions:

Clavister Systems, Cryptocard, AREA, IPfabrics, Surfcontrol ...

Software & Service Solutions:

Extend Media, Encoded Media, Futurlink, Critical Links, Qelp, Tracker, Proximal Data  ...

FMCG & Other:

Iomega, Ricoh, Nexvap, Orsto, Domeskin ...