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Current Clients

This is not a complete list as some clients do not wish to be published

cPacket Networks

Offer customers that operate large complex networks an innovative Distributed Monitoring Architecture, which delivers higher operational efficiency and more integrated intelligence than legacy “bottleneck by design” centralized solutions.

Help Desk Technology

HDT produce ServicePRO® a comprehensive, easy-to-setup Service desk platform that enables industry best practice right out of the box.

Developed over 20 years, the ServicePRO® platform is a robust set of tools that focus on business service delivery, collaboration, security, and productivity. 

Nicopure Labs

Nicopure Labs is a leader in the vaping and e-liquid industry. They  proudly design innovative vaping hardware and produce premium, American-made e-liquids. Nicopure follow strict guidelines in all of their manufacturing processes. 


KOTRA is dedicated to creating new export markets and increasing Korea’s trade value, which reached $1 trillion in 2011. KOTRA has 119 Korea Business Centers in 81 countries functioning as the trade and investment infrastructure of Korea.


BACtrack is the leader in breathalyzers, offering a full range of innovative breath alcohol testers for both personal and professional use.

Labris Networks

Labris Networks Inc. has been an R&D-focused and rapidly-growing provider of network security solutions since 2002 through its globally proven products. Labris ensures ultimate network security through its extensive product line, including firewall/VPN, web security, E-mail security, lawful interception and availability protection solutions on Labris UTM, Labris LOG, and Harpp DDoS Mitigator appliances.

HiBox Systems

Hibox Systems Ltd is a Finnish company, which offers advanced interactive information and entertainment solutions for the hospitality industry as well as IPTV solutions for broadband providers.

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